Van Specs


This unit came with 330W of flexi panels mounted on the roof  along with 220AH of AGM batteries. System runs along with a 1000W Kisae inverter charger. This allows the 4 110V electrical outlets to run off grid. The charger function allows for the batteries to charge while plugged into shore power. The inverter comes stock with an automatic transfer switch which circumvents the batteries while plugged into shore power and provides the outlets with unlimited power. 


- Norcold AC/DC fridge. Extremely efficient, while also a substancial size. 

- Kimberly wood burning stove. This is a beautiful stove that makes for an amazing experience. 8 hours of flame time allow for this super efficient stove heat the entire van throughout the night.

- 90L water tank connected to a 12V water pump. This connects to both the large stainless steel sink 

- Multiple zones of pot lights as well as LED strip lighting allow for a fully customizable lighting experience


Two large double drawers allow for less accessed equipment to still be within your reach. Plenty of kitchen storage as well as over cab storage round out this spacious unit