Van Specs


This 2018 unit came with a 300W panel mounted on the roof along with 220AH of AGM batteries. System runs along with a 1000W Kisae inverter charger. This allows the 4 110V electrical outlets to run off grid. The charger function allows for the batteries to charge while plugged into shore power. The inverter comes stock with an automatic transfer switch which circumvents the batteries while plugged into shore power and provides the outlets with unlimited power. 


- Suburban instant hot water heater connected to outdoor shower unit. This allows for unlimited hot water on demand.

- 90L fresh water holding tank

- NovaKool AC/DC fridge. Running completely from the off grid system while providing a substancial amount of fridge space as well as a freezer.

- Suburban 2 burner stove. Running completely from the off grid propane system

- Propex air heater. Completely off grid from propane system

- Multiple zones of LED pot lights 

- Maxx fan 7000 allows for 10 speed multi directional air flow


Front to back overhead storage combined with a floor to ceiling pantry allows for versatile storage in all situations. A full garage storage area comes with a slide out bike tray for easy access.