MaxxFan 7000



 The MaxxFan 7000, a new one-of-a kind ventilator system that protects your RV interior - always - in any weather - rain or shine. Brings in fresh air and removes hot musty air and odors. A complete all in one system that fits standard 14" 14" RV roof openings. Remote control operates all fan functions from the palm of you hand. Includes a powerful 4-speed fan, thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions. Thermostat also displays room temperature. Easy to remove interior insect screen, simply rotate four retaining knobs to remove for cleaning, no tools required. Features a powerful, fuse protected, sealed ball bearing, 12-volt fan motor and a 12", 10 bladed, fan. Provides over 900 CFM of airflow on high speed using 4.4-amps. Limited 2 year manufacturer warranty. All mounting screws and hardware included. Comes in either a white or smoke finish lid.

MSRP - $538.50

OUR PRICE - $524.99

Fan-Tastic Vent 7350



 This model fan has 14 fixed manual speeds or automatic variable speeds. A reverse switch sets the fan blade direction (OUT-exhause or IN-INTAKE). Placing the IN/OUT switch in the center (neutral) position can turn off fan blade. Automatic Dome Opener with Built-In Rain Sensor. This model is activated when the switch is turned to any of the speed selections. The dome cover is opened when the dome up switch is activated and closed when the down feature of the switch is selected. To activate the fan blade, the built-in thermostat must be turned to a temperature selection, which is lower (cooler) than the current interior temperature. Once the selected temperature is attained, the fan blade will shut off, but the dome will remain open until the down feature is selected or the built-in rain sensor becomes wet. Once the sensor dries, the dome will re-open. A built-in manual knob can be used to close the dome in an emergency, to adjust the dome to a desired partially open level or to override the rain sensor. For storage, the dome switch must be in the down position and the three-speed switch in the off ("O") position.

MSRP - $553.50

OUR PRICE - $534.99

Heng's 12V Vent



Simple economic design. Plastic dome, metal frame and removable screen. Assembly replaces all standard 14" x 14" vents. 3" garnish included. 

MSRP - $125.83

OUR PRICE - $114.99

Heng's 12V with Light



Exact same construction and design as the standard Heng's 12V fan but comes with a built in light on the bottom. Save time and money and install one product instead of two.  Plastic dome and metal frame &removable screen. Assembly replaces all standard 14" x 14" vents. 3" garnish included.

MSRP - $185.63

OUR PRICE - $169.99